Miss Mable Is Invited to Return – Lynn, Massachusetts (1907)

Miss Mable Brite lived on Orr’s Island,  an island (part of an archipelago) in Casco Bay of southern Maine.

Today, Orr’s Island has electricity, but the community has no water or sewage system – depending on wells and septic tanks.


In August of 1907, Mable received a postcard from S. B. Hurd of Lynn, Massachusetts.

Lynn, settled by English pilgrims in 1629, is on the Atlantic coast about 4 miles north of Boston.

Like many old towns in New England, the town of Lynn grew up around an open “Common” or “Commons”.


The face of the postcard is an hand-tinted photograph of “The Common, Lynn, Mass.”

The postcard, printed in Germany, has an “undivided back” which suggests that it was printed at least a year earlier.

The sender inscribed a brief message in the margin of the face.

Miss Mabel is addressed as, “Dear little Mabel” -which suggests that the recipient is a child.

It appears that Mabel had paid a visit to Lynn, as the sender writes, “I shall be glad to see you all back again.”

One hopes that Mabel was thrilled by this remembrance of her visit to Lynn, and that she was able to make many more visits as she grew up in the early 20th century.


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