Mountain Railroad of Klapperthal Glen

At the end of the 19th century, a number of hotels, resorts, and taverns were erected on Neversink Mountain, one of the peaks overlooking the city of Reading, PA.

Reading was a booming center of industry and a major transportation center -it was the home of the Reading Railroad.

In 1890, a railroad line was established to bring visitors to the attractions atop Neversink Mountain.

For those who love railroads (and mourn the end of the extensive trolley systems in American cities), this was a remarkable feature in the city of Reading.

This hand-colored postcard photograph was published by A. C. Bosselman & Company of New York.

It was printed in Germany, circa 1910.

Although the postcard was not mailed, it does have the name, “Warren Sweigart”, written on the reverse.

Perhaps the postcard was given to Warren or perhaps it was collected by Mr. Sweigart.

I found this postcard in a box of vintage paper at an antique mall in Adamstown, PA.

On-line, one can find additional stories about the Klapperthal Railroad that were printed in Reading newspapers.


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