Mr. and Mrs. Baker Took the Train – Norwood, Massachusetts (1906)

In recent years of this century, I have ridden on Amtrak through the station at Norwood.
Thus, I was excited to find this view of the train depot in the early twentieth century.
The postcard photograph was published by J.T. Wellington of Norwood.
The hand-colored image was printed in Germany.
Sadie mailed the postcard from Norwood in September of 1906.
Addressed to Mrs. Walter Baker of Holliston, Mass, the postcard was received the same day it was
Holliston is a town 15 miles west of Norwood.
On the face, Sadie writes, “I suppose you and Walter arrived at the station in time to take the train”.
It seems that Walter and his wife were visiting Norwood, and Sadie was unsure if they had succeeded in
their plans to return home.
One hopes that the travelers did complete their journey as planned, that Sadie retained happy
memories of the visit, and that the Bakers were pleased to be remembered with the postcard.
The postcard was saved, in good condition, for 115 years.


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