Mrs. Wellinger Visits Italy – Brackenridge, PA (1930)

Mrs. Marzella Allshouse lived in Brackenridge, a borough along the Allegheny River near Pittsburgh, PA.

In 1930, there was a large glass-making industry in the area.

Marzella received a postcard from her friend, Mrs. Wellinger who mailed a greeting from Italy.

The face of the postcard is a painting of the Colosseum in Rome, although Mrs. Wellinger posted the card in Genoa.

The weather was hot, and the traveling party was departing for France where they hoped to find cooler weather.

They were traveling in August, so they may have had difficulty in finding a cool spot.

Mrs. Wellinger notes in the reverse of the postcard that, “this is Columbus’s home town”.

One hopes that Mrs. Allshouse was thrilled to receive this reminder of her friend’s European trip, and that the travelers returned safely to their homes.


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