“No Other Place to Woo” – circa 1910

This postcard is one of a series of postcard drawings depicting young lovers.

Each one of the series shows a young man and young woman in an outdoor scene – a bench, a canoe, a stone wall, a rowboat, a garden, a gazebo, etc.

I have more than a dozen, and have seen many others within the postcard bins at antique malls.

The gilt border and the rhyming couplet are “standard” on each postcard in the series.

It seems that postcards like this one were very popular and widely-collected – indeed, this postcard was not mailed.

Here, a woman in an elaborate lacy blouse and fancy jumper is holding a young man (in a summer suit) at arm’s length.

The young man inclines slightly toward her, but they do not appear to be struggling; I am not sure exactly what is happening.

A hammock is not a good place for sudden movements or changes of position.

The maiden has dropped her parasol, and the young man his hat.

The couplet announces that, “There is no other place to woo, like a hammock built for two”.

It seems that some postcard collector circa 1910 prized the scene of courtship.


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