“Old Point Comfort” – Stony Creek Mills, PA (1910)

Old Point Comfort is the extreme tip of the small peninsula that is the eastern extremity of Virginia.

It was named for an incident involving the “Susan Constant” bringing colonists to Jamestown in 1607.

This postcard illustration bears no resemblance to the actual place- I believe that it is a playful appropriation of the name to describe this romantic scene.

A young man and young woman, dressed in summer whites, snuggle in a moored rowboat.

Nothing appears to disturb the comfort of their private embrace.

The sepia-toned photograph was copyright by the Colonial Art Company of New York, and published by the F. G. Henry Company.

(This is one of the instances when artist and publisher can be identified.)

The postcard was mailed by Emily from Reading, Pennsylvania, at the end of September in 1910.

Addressed to Miss Marie Rothermel of Stony Creek Mills, the postcard is likely to have reached the recipient the same day.

Stony Creek Mills is a census-designated place 5 miles east of Reading.

The name suggests that the community grew up around early grain, wool, or wood mills.

On the reverse, Emily expresses her thanks for a card from Marie, apologizes for her tardiness in responding, and invites Marie to come and visit her.

One hopes that Marie was delighted by the postcard and that she and Emily remained correspondents for many years.


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