Picking Daisies in the Mountains – Buck Hill Falls, PA (1920)

Some months ago, we looked at a postcard photograph of the Buck Hill Inn- a lovely resort that once attracted thousands of visitors to the natural beauty of Buck Hill Falls, PA.

This postcard was sent by visitors to this scenic area near the Delaware Water Gap.

The Delaware Water Gap is a passage through the Appalachian Mountains formed by the Delaware River.

Several streams Combine north of the Gap to drain an area of south central New York State.


Miss Rachel Morton lived in the town of Oxford, in Chester County, PA.

(You can search this group page for other postcard stories related to the historic town of Oxford.)


In August of 1920, Miss Morton received a postcard from her friend, Esther.

Esther, along with Mildred and Elena, had climbed a mountain in this beautiful region of eastern PA.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of a high, upland meadow covered with daisies.

This may be a local scene that the young woman could have seen – as the postcard was published by J. F. Kirkton of Delaware Water Gap, PA.

On the reverse, Esther recounts their adventure, and asks Rachel, “Do you want your umbrella”.

This mysterious inquiry may relate to an umbrella lent by Rachel, to an umbrella that Esther had purchased for Rachel, or to some other circumstance.

One hopes that the travelers returned safely from their excursion, and that Rachel was able to join them for other explorations.


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