Pictures to the Convent – Marvin Gardens, New Jersey (1934)

Sister Eulalia Greene belonged to the Convent of the Visitation in Washington, DC.

The story of this religious establishment, founded in 1794, is worthy of its own postcard discussion.

The identity of Sister Eulalia is not readily apparent on the reverse of the postcard – which appears to have been pasted into an album.

Fortunately, a large collection of Sister Eulalia’s postcards were available from the same dealer in old paper, so I was able to reconstruct the address from other postcards.

In May of 1934, Sister Eulalia received a postcard from Bridgton, New Jersey.

Bridgeton is a city in southwest New Jersey, near the Delaware Bay.,_New_Jersey

Although mailed from Bridgton, the postcard bears an illustration of an area within Atlantic City.

Many lovers of the board game, “Monopoly” know that the properties were named for streets in or near Atlantic City, NJ.

This postcard illustration shows “Marvin Gardens”.

Interestingly, the Deeds in Monopoly, as this postcard, perpetuate a misspelling of the name of the community.

It is “Marven Gardens”, named for the adjacent place names of Margate City and Ventnor City.

On the reverse, most of the message is obscured, including the identity of the sender.

We do learn that “the ocean is beautiful”.

Sister Eulalia collected a very large number of postcards sent by friends, family members, or admirers in many places.

One imagines her happily pasting the postcards into a large album which she could enjoy again and again.


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