President Harding Visited the Club – West Palm Beach, Florida (1925)

In February of 1925, Alverta Meck was in Palm Beach.

She was having “a nice time”, but found the weather “awfully warm”.

Alverta mailed a postcard to Mr. Paul Davidson of Akron, Pennsylvania.

The postcard, published by the E.C. Kropp Company of Milwaukee, bears an illustration of the Palm Beach Country Club.

The club had been visited by President Harding (who died in office in 1923) and was soon to be visited by President Coolidge, the former Vice-President who succeeded him.

Alverta looked forward to “going bathing” and inquired about “the basketball games” which (we assume) involved Paul Davidson.

(I did a quick name search for “Alverta” and found that this was not an unusual name – but I did not find “our” Alverta Meck.

One hopes that Alverta enjoyed her experience of bathing and that Paul was successful in his basketball games.


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