Reverend Summerfield

Rev. Summerfield – circa 1910

I have several postcard photographs of clergymen; most of them show the placid features of a calm and scholarly man.

Some photographic subjects are seated at a desk or posed in a contemplative manner.

Many of these portraits were printed by church congregations to introduce a new minister or to announce special services or series of sermons.

This photograph appears to be a personal memento.

There is no indication of the printer, or the location at which the photograph was developed.

The likeness of Rev. Summerfield was developed at a studio, perhaps a small local business.

A friend or family member preserved the picture of the young parson, and it has survived for a century.


A quick internet search reveals the names of clergymen with the name “Summerfield” in every generation since colonial times.

Alas, I cannot identify this admired minister.


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