Ritta Has a Birthday – Rowlandsville, Maryland (circa 1908)

Miss Ritta Nickles lived in Rowlandsville, a community that grew up around iron works in the 19th century.

(This may be “Rita Nichols”. Spelling is often erratic on vintage postcards; there are members of the Nichols family buried in cemeteries neat Rowlandsville.)

Rowlandsville, in northern Cecil County, lies very close to the Pennsylvania border and adjacent to the Susquehanna River.

The post office in Rowlandsville was closed and operations were subsumed under the Conowingo Post Office in 1943.


Sometime around 1908, Ritta was celebrating a birthday.

Because the postcard was not mailed, we cannot determine with certainty when the happy day occurred.

Ritta received a birthday postcard from H. B. Logan who signed the face of the card.

Above the signature, a medallion illustration of a maiden in a large bonnet is honored with a bouquet of pink roses.

The postcard was printed in Europe, but the publisher is not identified.

One hopes that Ritta was pleased by the postcard, that she remained a friend and correspondent of the sender, and that she enjoyed a wonderful birthday.


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