Roy Sends His Picture to His Sister – Mansfield, Ohio (1910)

Although Roy identifies his address in Dayton, he was in the bustling city of Mansfield, Ohio when he mailed a postcard photograph to his sister.

In 1910, Mansfield was a city of iron-mongers; the city manufactured iron stoves and other products.  (We learned about this in another postcard story – the industrialist who sent a postcard to his company in Mansfield during his summer-long retreat at Mount Gretna, PA.)

Roy’s sister, Mrs. E.W. Gose, lived in Salt Lake City – at an address not far from the Temple which is the center of the city.

The postcard portrait was made at the Brittson Studio in Mansfield. 

Like the photograph studios in other cities, Brittson’s was located on a main street near the center of town.

Roy is pictured in a medallion with a large ornamental frame.

Some thoughtful soul inscribed, “Roy 1910” on the reverse of the postcard.

We trust that Mrs. Gose was pleased by the picture of her brother, and that Roy was successful in his life and business in Ohio.


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