Russell Thanks His Grandmother – 1916

Mrs. Harriet Borry of Stevens, Pa was fond of her grandson, Russell, who lived in Reading.

For Russell’s birthday, Mrs. Borry sent him a new tie.

On February 9, 1916, Harriet received a postcard in which Russell thanks her for the tie, assures her that he has worn it several times, and reports that he is going to School.

Russell also expresses hope that his grandmother is “feeling better”.

The postcard message appears to be written by an adult in the same hand as the address, but the signature is the laborious, childish hand of “Russell”.

I suppose that Russell was just beginning his career as a student.

(Harriet Wolf Borry is found easily on-line.

She was born in 1849, the daughter of Samuel Wolf and Lydia Steiff.

Harriet married Adam Borry, and was the mother of 10 children, of whom two died in infancy.

Sadly, Harriet died only three years after receiving this postcard, in 1919.

There is a handsome memorial to Harriet and her family in Hopeland Cemetery.)


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