Ruth Visits Buffalo – Buffalo, NY (1926)

In July of 1926, Ruth was in Buffalo – the great manufacturing center and port city on Lake Erie.

Ruth had “a lovely trip”, but found Buffalo to be “very cool”.,_New_York

Ruth sent a postcard to Mrs. E. J. Beautell in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Woodbridge, the oldest township in the State of New Jersey, is now a bedroom community for New York City.,_New_Jersey

The face of the postcard is a photograph of Townsend Hall at the University of Buffalo.

It is unclear if Ruth visited the University.

Founded as a medical school by New York leaders, including Millard Fillmore, the University is now part of the SUNY system and has become a large and important research center.

There is still a “Townsend Hall” at the University, but this building (donated by the founder of the Woman’s Educational Institute – a precursor to the University) has been demolished.

One hopes that Ruth continued to enjoy her visit to the rich city of Buffalo, even if the weather was cool.


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