“Save a Setting of Eggs” – Union Deposit, PA (1908)

We met members of the Bashore family in earlier postcard stories.
Mrs. S.S. Bashore lived in Union Deposit, a community in southeast Dauphin County of central
The name of the community came from the digging of the Union Canal.
In May of 1908, Mrs. Bashore received a postcard from her daughter, Mrs. A. S. Eshelman, of
Middletown, PA.
Middletown is a borough on the Susquehanna River, south of Harrisburg, PA.
Mrs. Bashore and her daughter lived about 8 miles apart.
Mrs. Eshelman requests her mother to “please keep one setting of eggs until Sunday.”
I assume that this is a nest of eggs that are not yet hatched. It appears that the Eshelman’s planned to
raise some chickens.
The postcard bears an uncolored photograph of the Detroit Opera House.
It was published by the Souvenir Post Card Company of New York.
The City of Detroit had a succession of Opera Houses before the current home (in a grand,
reconditioned, motion picture palace).
The Opera House in the photograph was built in 1869 and was the home of performances until 1963.
One hopes that the brood of chicks was raised successfully.


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