Silver Bells for Miss Thurber – Vallejo, California (1915)

Miss E. Thurber lived in Vallejo, a city on the North Bay region of west-central California.,_California

In December of 1915, Miss Thurber received a Christmas postcard from Carolyn Hathaway.

Carolyn mailed the postcard from San Diego, the beautiful Pacific-coast city in the southwest point of California.

San Diego is 500 miles south of Vallejo.

The face of the postcard bears a medallion drawing of a snowy cottage. 

 The medallion is flanked by a bright poinsettia and a sprig of holly.

Beneath the scene is a string of silver bells.

A printed legend expresses the hope of the sender:

“I wish you happiness today,

A joyous Christmas, bright and gay”.

On the reverse, Carolyn extends, “Christmas greetings”, and includes her address in San Diego.

It seems that Miss Thurber was pleased by the holiday remembrance, as the postcard was preserved in good condition.

One hopes that Carolyn and Miss Thurber enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and that they remained correspondents for many years.


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