“The American Church” in Florence – Italy, circa 1920

The Rev. Aaron Burtis Hunter and his wife, Sarah Lothrop Taylor, were notable representatives of the Episcopal Church and distinguished for their collecting of antiquarian books which they sold to support their philanthropic works.

The Hunters provided essential financial support to the Episcopal school for African-American students in North Carolina during their lifetimes and through the entirety of their estates.

St. Augustine’s College and Nursing School (the latter established by Mrs. Hunter), still exist in Raleigh, North Carolina.

From 1920 to 1925, the Rev. Hunter served the “American Church” in Florence.

This postcard Christmas Greeting, printed in Italy, was sent to friends and fellow communicants sometime in the early 20’s.

The “American Church” -St. James Episcopal Church of Florence – was established as a multi-lingual congregation for visitors, students, diplomats, and English-speaking residents of Florence.

It is a parish of the Episcopal Church in Europe and a part of the European Anglican Communion.

The beautiful campus continues to offer multilingual services and to support city-wide charitable activities today.

This beloved painting of Lippi, one of the great treasures of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, is beautifully represented in this example of Italian printing.

On line, one can find an image of the Church of St. James, additional biographical information about the Hunters, and other illuminating details that add depth to this century-old Christmas greeting.


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