“The Finest Bird” – Winchester, Ohio (circa 1908)

Ruby Baker lived in Winchester, a village in southwest Ohio.

Winchester was built on a trail to Cincinnati, 13 miles to the east.


Sometime near 1908, Ruby received a Thanksgiving postcard from her Aunt Sarah.

The postcard was not mailed, suggesting that Aunt Sarah might live nearby.

The face of the postcard is a drawing of a child munching on a drumstick, under the watchful eyes of mother.

A Verse declares:

“The turkey is the finest bird.

Of all the fowls that grow,

And When Thanksgiving comes around,

We eat him up, you know.”

In pencil, the name, “Aunt Martha” is written above the drawing.

It is unclear if Aunt Martha has joined Aunt Sarah in sending the postcard, or if the drawing is a humorous representation of Aunt Martha.

One hopes that Ruby, along with Aunt Sarah and Aunt Martha, enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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