The Girls Are Coming Over – Gap, PA (1912)

Miss Alice Martin lived in Kinzer, an unincorporated rural community in eastern Lancaster County, along the original Philadelphia & Lancaster Turnpike.

In July of 1912, Alice received a postcard invitation from her friend, Sara Denlinger.

Sara mailed the postcard from Gap, another unincorporated community in eastern Lancaster County.

The community is named for a pass through the Mine Ridge, and once had (in early colonial days) a copper mine and a nickel mine.

(An earlier postcard story noted more details of this beautiful little town which one can observe fleetingly from Amtrak cars.)

The postcard, printed in Europe, is decorated with an embossed drawing of wild roses.

A verse describes the uncomfortable significance of the flower.

On the reverse, Sara issues an invitation for Alice to join her and Marie at “our place” on the afternoon of August 17.

Sara adds, “We are having some other girls also.”

One hopes that Alice was able to join Sara, Marie, and all the other girls at the afternoon event.


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