The Hand-Carved Postcard – Landis Valley, PA (1906)

Postal regulations permitted the mailing of unusual and odd-shaped items in the early 20th century.

In the past year, I have found a few hand-made postcards (including wood, fur, and feathers) in addition to a dozen hand-painted postcards (which were somewhat more popular).

Here is a hand-carved postcard that was mailed to Roy L. Winters at Reinholds Station on August 1, 1906.

The card features three figures and the motto, “Two is Company, Three is a Crowd”.

It is amusing to note the special details the artist included, such as the patch on the butt of the seated boy.

The Postcard was mailed from Landis Valley, PA – presumably by the one who carved it.

 (The Landis Valley Post Office no longer exists.)

Addressed to Mr. Roy L. Winters of Reinholds Station, a community around a railroad depot in northern Lancaster County, the postcard has lost the stamp that had been applied to it.

The postcard was saved for more than a hundred years, suggesting that the novelty was appreciated by the one who received it.


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