The Lady in Red

The Lady in Red – 1911

Cousin Nellie lived in the hamlet of Shushan, a small community (with an historic covered bridge) in east central New York State, near the border of Vermont.

In January of 1911, Nellie mailed a postcard to her cousin, Miss Hallie Hall, in Arlington (East Arlington, as postmarked), Vermont.

The wiki article, linked in the comments, shows the post office from which Nellie mailed her postcard.

Nellie inquires how Hallie is getting on and expresses a hope of meeting.

The postcard, without a printer’s mark or country of origin, was probably printed in the US about 1910.

The illustration on the face is of a seductive young woman clad in red, with red hat (from which a red feather protrudes) and red, feathery parasol.

I don’t know if Nellie saw herself as a stylish socialite or if she aspired to leave her rural home and to become a mysterious woman in red.

In either case, one hopes that Nellie and Hallie enjoyed the cold winter of 1911.


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