The Last Day of Camp Meeting – Pitman Grove, New Jersey (1907)

The Last Day of Camp Meeting – Pitman Grove, New Jersey (1907)
Although many of the historic “camp meetings” still assemble each summer, the events do not enjoy the
popularity and wide participation that they did in the early years of the 20th century.
Fewer families are willing or able to take off for one or two weeks of rustic living with daily inspirational
speakers, Bible Studies, Nature studies, and Hymn Sings.
We had postcard stories related to Ocean Grove and Asbury Park in New Jersey, and to various Camp
Meetings in Pennsylvania – at Mount Gretna, Central Manor, Landisville, and Rawlinsville, e.g.
In August of 1907, Mrs. J. I. Brookes (?) of Philadelphia received a postcard from an unnamed
correspondent at Camp Pitman Grove.
The postcard, mailed from the camp, is decorated with a spray of flowers and the location printed in
applied glittery letters.
The sender of the postcard noted that, “this is the last day of camp”.
The postcard was printed in Europe and published by the Philadelphia Post Card Company.
Today, the 20-acre site of Pitman Grove, which still hosts summer Camp Meetings, has been identified
as a National Historic Place.
It has significance to the history of religion, but also to community planning and architecture.
Rows of cottages in Queen Anne style are arranged in radiating avenues from a Central Park around the
restored Auditorium.
The “Camp Meeting” figures in one of the great African American Spirituals as a figure of refreshment
and blessedness.
“Walk together children
Don’ you get weary
Walk together children
Don’t you get weary
Oh, walk together children
Don’t you get weary
There’s a great camp meeting in the promised land”
Subsequent verses encourage us to sing, pray, and shout together.
It seemed a fitting theme as we wait through the weeks of Advent.


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