The Leafy Suburb – Roselle Park, New Jersey (1908)

Although I have lived most of my adult life in cities, I love the tree-lined streets of mature suburbs.

Roselle Park is a borough in Union County (west of Newark Airport), in northern New Jersey.

Although there were European settlers during the colonial era, the area was first platted by the Roselle Land Company as a community to surround a station of the Central Railroad of New Jersey.

Early in the 20th century, the Marconi Wireless Telegraph factory and

laboratory was located in Roselle Park.

In July of 1908, Christina sent a postcard to Mr. Reynold Salmon in Brooklyn, New York.

Mailed from the train station of the Elizabeth -Roselle line, the postcard bore a photograph of Grant Avenue in Roselle Park.

The unpaved street is lined with leafy trees; the homes are connected by sidewalks.

Published by the American News Company of New York, the postcard was printed in Leipzig, Dresden, or Berlin.

Christina inscribed no message on the reverse – which could suggest either that Mr. Salmon was a close acquaintance who needed only to hear from her or that the correspondents were relative strangers who exchanged postcards through the mail.

In either case, one hopes that Reynold enjoyed the photograph of Roselle Park and that he and Christina found pleasure in the summer of 1908.


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