The Octoraro – 1906

Several months ago, I posted a beautiful, hand-colored photograph of the Conestoga River that was on a postcard mailed to Bertie Kilbough in Peters Creek, Pa.

Peters Creek, now included within Peach Bottom, no longer boasts a post office.

Readers posted vintage maps of the area then known as “Peters Creek”, and the approximate location of the post office was identified.

I found another postcard to the same person, “Roberta Kilbough”, at Peters Creek.

This postcard, printed by L.B.Herr of Lancaster, features an uncolored photograph of the Octoraro.

The postcard was mailed from Nottingham, PA on October 11, 1906 by Alice E. Conrad.

Alice sends birthday greetings to Roberta, written neatly on the face of the postcard.

Perhaps Bertie was a collector of postcards featuring rivers or waterways.


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