A Flower from Aberdeen – Gorsuch Mills, MD (1911)

Mrs. John Jefferson lived in Gorsuch Mills, a village in northern Baltimore County, Maryland.  The community is due south of Stewartstown (York County), PA.

(Gorsuch Mills was the antebellum plantation of the slaveowner who pursued freedom-seekers into Pennsylvania and who was killed at the uprising in Christiana, PA.)

For her birthday, Mrs Jefferson received a beautiful postcard featuring an embossed blossom on a grey background.  (I guess this is a tulip.)

The postcard was mailed from Aberdeen, Maryland by her friend, Mrs. Thomas Anderson.

Mrs. Anderson had married since her last communication with Mrs. Jefferson, so she added her maiden name – a thoughtful gesture.

On the reverse, Mrs. Anderson writes:

“May you have many Happy Birthdays is the wish of your friend…”

One hopes that each friend enjoyed many more birthdays.


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