The Postman at Christmas – Uniontown, Ohio (1922)

Miss Bessie Weaver lived in Juniata County, a picturesque area of wooded Appalachian foothills and farms in central Pennsylvania.

In December of 1922, Bessie received a Christmas postcard from Edith.

Edith addressed the postcard to Thompsontown, but the post office corrected the address as Mexico, PA.

Mexico is a smaller, unincorporated community about 7 miles from Thompsontown.

Both communities lie along the Juniata River.

It may be that Bessie had moved since last she corresponded with Edith.

The Christmas greeting was posted in Uniontown, an unincorporated community of Stark County in northeast Ohio. 

“Union” was named for the junction of two stagecoach lines that met where the area was first developed in 1816.

On the face of the postcard is a charming illustration of a woman greeting the postman at the door to her home.

The postman carries a large number of packages and a Christmas wreath.

The printed legend reads: “Greetings to one whom I would not forget to send my wish for a very Merry Christmas”.

One hopes that Bessie enjoyed the postcard and that she and Edith enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.


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