The Reineberg Boot Shop

The Reineberg Boot Shop in York, PA – circa 1915

Members of the Reineberg family operated shoe stores in York for more than a hundred and forty years, the businesses finally closing in 2018.

Sometime in the early 20th century, the Boot Shop was located at 7-11 South George Street in York.

George Street is one of the principal thoroughfares in the city, so this was a busy downtown location.

The boot shop printed or distributed advertising postcards, which may have been provided by the Walk-
Over Shoe Company.

(We met the old Massachusetts company, Walk Over Shoes, in earlier posts featuring an advertising postcard illustrated with a Puritan meetinghouse.)

This trade card bears an illustration of Thomas Jefferson and a quote from the Declaration of Independence.

On the reverse, the name of Mr. Lears (?) of Hellam is inscribed.

(Hellam is a community east of York, on the road leading to Wrightsville and the Susquehanna River

The postcard was not mailed.

We do not know if Mr. Lears purchased boots, had boots repaired, or was inquiring about a new pair of boots.

One is always sad to see the end of family-owned businesses that survived for generations.


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