The River View Hotel at Pequea, Lancaster County, PA (1907)

The Susquehanna River forms the western border of Lancaster County, PA.

The river-front community of Pequea grew up where the Pequea Creek empties into the Susquehanna, about 12 miles southwest of teh city of Lancaster.

The area was known  for fishing, boating, water sports, and partying.

Many visitors traveled to enjoy the riverside amenities, and many locals sought the coves and waterholes in the area for week-end adventures.

The River View Hotel was a center of activity in Pequea.

On May 20, 1907, Lucretia addressed a postcard to Mr. J. Leon Darlington.

The greeting on the reverse suggests that it was Mr. Darlington’s birthday.

The postcard features an uncolored photograph of the River View Hotel at Pequea.

Unfortunately, the Hotel did not survive until the end of the twentieth century; the empty building was destroyed in a fire of mysterious origin.

The postcard was dated, but not mailed.


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