The Saltair Pavilion on the Great Salt Lake – circa 1920

There have been successive entertainment palaces constructed on the edge of Utah’s Great Salt Lake.

The first and the most splendid was erected in 1893; the construction was done in cooperation with the Mormon Church to provide wholesome family recreation.

This hand-tinted postcard photograph portrays that building circa 1920.

The postcard was published by the Souvenir Novelty Company of Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the Saltair Pavilion in 1925.

Successor structures were built during the following years, but changing shorelines stranded one structure far from the water, and floods imperiled a later structure.

Flying into Salt Lake City today (with a wonderful descent through the Wasatch Mountains), one can still see remnants of earlier buildings near the lake.

On-line, one can find  a history of the resorts and the many travelers who came to float in the briny waters.

This postcard was not mailed, and has a tiny cloth bag of salt attached to it.

I have other postcards which were mailed with souvenir bags of salt attached to them.


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