The Saxton Glee Club – Saxton, PA (circa 1910)

Because of the circumstances in which I acquired this postcard photograph, I believe that the location is Saxton, PA.

Saxton, in Bedford County (south central PA), was a booming place in the early 20th century.

Mining of bituminous coal had expanded local industry beyond the river mills that first drew settlers to the area.

Saxton was the hub of the Huntington and Broadtop Railroad that connected the town to Pittsburgh and to Baltimore.

It is likely that this town of several thousand people supported a Glee Club.

It is regrettable that no thoughtful person inscribed the names of any of the singers.

The young men of the group (not sure why the Glee Club had no female members) are well-dressed in suits and ties.

One hopes that they enjoyed music through the decades that followed.

Saxton fell on hard times in the years to come as the coal ran out and the railroad went out of business.

Today, less than 700 people live in Saxton.


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