The Seaside Shanty for Christmas

The Seaside Shanty for Christmas – 1908

My Robert Hamilton lived in Port Jervis, New York.

Port Jervis lies at the confluence of the Neversink and Delaware Rivers, just north of the Delaware Water Gap.

In December of 1908, Robert received a nice art postcard, printed in Saxony, from his friend, C. Barkley.

The friend extends warm wishes for a merry Christmas and happy New Year, and inquires if Robert is returning to school.

The postcard, although printed on the Continent, is published by an English firm (Raphael Tuck) that specialized in high – quality stationery.

The illustration is of a fisherman’s shanty on a promontory surrounded by the sea.

It is a work of original art, although there is no attribution on the postcard.

The postcard suffered significant damage, most of which could be repaired digitally.

I admire the artistry of the unknown illustrator.

One hopes that Robert was able to return to school in the year 1909.


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