The Sister House of the Ephrata Cloister – Hopeland, PA (1906)

Several months ago, I shared a postcard with an hand-colored photo of the Brother House at the Ephrata Cloister.

In the postcard story, voiced my deep appreciation for this remarkable place.

Recently, I found this postcard featuring another  hand-colored photo, this time of the Sister House and the Saal.

(A Saal is a large room, probably a place of assembly.)

This postcard was printed a few years before the Brother House postcard shared earlier.

This photograph of the Sister House was copyrighted by The Rotograph Company of New York in 1905.

The postcard was printed in Germany.

The card was mailed from Ephrata, Pa on May 24 of 1906, addressed to Miss Jennie Miller of Hopeland, Pa.

The second postmark indicates that the card was received in Hopeland on the same day.

Hopeland is an hamlet northeast of the town  of Brickerville and north of the small community of Clay, Pa.

The writer, “K.M.”, refers to an upcoming “commencement”, which may refer to the 1906 graduation ceremony at Ephrata High School.


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