“The Spirit is There” – Glassport, PA (1910)

Mrs. Sarah Case was in Indiana Harbor, an industrial community around the Inland Steel Plant east of Chicago, Illinois and of the Indiana community of East Chicago.


In April of 1910, Sarah received a postcard from her friend, Mrs. Campbell.

Mrs. Campbell wrote from Glassport, an industrial borough about 10 miles south of Pittsburgh in the Monongahela River Valley.


The face of the postcard is a familiar depiction of “The Good Shepherd”.

The drawing is one of thousands that recall the words of the One who said, “I am the Good Shepherd”.

The Wiki article describes the motif of sheep and shepherds in parables and allegories throughout the Gospels.


The postcard was printed in the United States and was part of the publisher’s “Religious Series”.

On the reverse, the message of the sender encompasses religious themes.

It seems that Sarah was staying temporarily in Indiana Harbor, and Mrs. Campbell reports, “every body (sic) is asking when you are arriving home”.

In Glassport, there are meetings of a religious nature, perhaps special preaching or evangelism meetings.

Mrs. Campbell reports, “we are having good meeting (sic), the Spirit is there”.

The enthusiasm is contagious, “there is work going all around.”

The postcard message concludes with a word of blessing.

One hopes that Mrs. Case was pleased to hear from her old friends, that Mrs. Campbell continued to enjoy the meeting, and that the good folks of Glassport were moved to many good works as a result of the Springtime revival.


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