The Tasseled Hat – circa 1910

I recently acquired a postcard photograph, circa 1910, of a stylish young woman wearing a broad-brimmed hat with a tassel.

An admirer of hats, although possessing very little knowledge of fashion history, I thought this creation was eye-catching.

It is easy to satirize the decoration of hats; the exuberant styles of one generation become the subject of snickering and condescension in a later generation.

(People of my generation should demonstrate fashion humility – there may be photographs of us from the 1970’s.)

Hats became smaller and less elaborate during the 1920’s; the cloche hat (bell-shaped, like a cap, and covering much of the head) became the signature style of that era.

In the comments, I link a brief history of women’s’ hats – I am trying to acquire sufficient knowledge to prevent gross errors in my commentary on fashion.

The postcard lacks any indication of date or location, and the young woman remains unknown to us.

One hopes the wearer of the hat enjoyed her youth in the early 20th century.


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