The Western Maryland Railroad at York – 1909

The story of the Western Maryland Railroad illustrates how local railroad companies created an incredible network of rail connections across the United States.

(I consider the decline of the nation’s railroad system as one of the tragedies for which we are paying dearly.)

On-line, one can find numerous articles related to the fascinating history of the Western Maryland Railroad.

This postcard photograph of the W.M.R.R. Depot in York was found at an antique mall in Columbia, PA.

Published by G. McCrory & Company, the postcard was printed in Germany.

The postcard was mailed from Porter’s Sideling, an unincorporated community in Heidelberg Township, York County.

This community grew up around the railroad junction of lines to York, Hanover and Gettysburg.

It is well-worth looking up the fascinating history of Porter’s Sideling.

On August 25, 1909, Netta mailed a postcard from Porter’s Sideling to her friend, Kate, in Harrisburg.

Netta regrets that she cannot visit; she is “too busy for anything on account of the work” and does not expect to “get away until winter”.

The boys cannot visit due to the band; they have engagements until October.

One hopes that Netta was able to see Kate before 1910.


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