The Wilbur & Martin Shoe Store (1910)

In October of 1910, Mr. D. M. Eshelman was living in Quarryville, PA – a community in southern Lancaster County, not far from the border of Maryland.

Mr. Eshelman received a postcard from the Wilbur & Martin Shoe Company, a store near the square in Lancaster, PA.

The postcard, mailed from Lancaster, invited Mr. Eshelman to stop in the store and examine the selection of shoes for sale.

The face of the postcard is illustrated by a clover-shaped medallion with a generic picture of a rural church tower.

The invitation on the reverse of the postcard concludes with the phrase, “Yours for a square deal”.

The “square deal” was a pledge of good workmanship and favorable working conditions that was made by the Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company of Binghamton, New York.

One hopes that Mr. Eshelman was able to find a good pair of well-made shoes.


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