The Winding Stream

“The Winding Stream” – Kennet Square (1906)

For the Equinox, a nice example of postcard art illustrating the beauty of late Summer and early Fall.

In the painting entitled, “By the Winding Stream”, the artist portrays a few cattle grazing on the lush grasses by a still brook.

The illustration was copyrighted in 1902 by W. H. Carpenter.

On-line, I found a half-dozen original postcard paintings by this artist – but very little information about the man.

(It is NOT the British artist, W.H. Carpenter, who painted scenes throughout the British Empire and who died in 1899.)

The postcard was mailed to Miss Elizabeth Monks who lived in Kennet Square, PA.

Kennet Square is a borough in southern Chester County, near the border of Delaware.

(The borough is a suburb of Philadelphia and of Wilmington.)

In early October of 1906, Miss Monks received the postcard greeting from a correspondent in Philadelphia.

The person is not identified by name, although the sender did inscribe “isn’t this pretty?” on the face of the postcard.

One hopes that Elizabeth enjoyed the beauty of the postcard and treasured the days in early Autumn.


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