The Women Petition the Bishop – Akron, Ohio (1920)

In 1892, Akron was a booming center of industry and the population was growing in areas surrounding the city.

A group of women in West Hills petitioned the Episcopal Bishop of Ohio to build a church outside the downtown area.

Bishop Leonard sent an archdeacon to found a mission, and the mission began working immediately to draw up plans to acquire land and raise money for the construction of a Church.

The Church of Our Saviour was consecrated in 1895.

Today, the parish (with a vestry that is composed almost entirely of women) comprises a rich mixture of urban populations and is a center of community enrichment with self-help, educational, relief, and advocacy ministries.

It is a welcoming congregation for members of sexual minorities.

Miss Mary Myers lived in New Bloomfield, a borough (and the seat of Perry County) in central Pennsylvania.

In February of 1920, Mary received a postcard from Grover C. Steele who was staying at the New Anthony Hotel in Akron, Ohio.

The postcard, published by the Rubber City Distributing Company of Akron, bore a photograph of the Church of Our Saviour.

On the reverse, Grover acknowledges the receipt of Mary’s card, declares that the weather is fine, and encourages Mary to “ans soon”.

From the writer’s focus on a postcard exchange and the absence of any personal communication, I infer that the two are members of a postcard club.

Grover seems to have a rubber stamp of his name, and appears to be an untutored typist.

In any event, we hope that the two postcard collectors continued to build their collections happily.


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