“This Is the Best I Have” – Shinglehouse, PA (1909)

Miss Angie Park lived in Shinglehouse, a town of Potter County in north-central Pennsylvania.

The community was named for a landmark shingled Inn near the original town site.  In the early 20th century, the town was served by the “New York & Pennsylvania Railroad”,

In April of 1909, Angie received a postcard from a friend in Petersburg.

Petersburg is a borough in central Pennsylvania; the community was a stop on the Pennsylvania Railroad between Tyrone and Huntington.

The postcard is a beautiful example of original postcard art.

The painted scene depicts a wooded stream in the Fall of the year.

The friend in Petersburg (whose initials I cannot decipher) apologizes for the postcard – writing, “This is the best I have in the Post Card line at present…”.

The sender may have recognized that the Autumnal scene was not fitting for the season of Spring, but the postcard is lovely.

Alas, there is no indication of the publisher or of the artist.

(Hundreds of postcard illustrators worked anonymously; a small number were sufficiently recognized to sign their work.)

One hopes that Miss Angie appreciated the postcard, and that she enjoyed the Spring of 1909.


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