Uncle Dave Receives a Postcard – Billings, Montana (1908)

Mr. David W. Van Houton lived in Prescott, Iowa.

Prescott is a small city in southwest Iowa.

Mr. Van Houton had mailed several postcards to his nephew, D. Carroll, in Billings, Montana.

Located in south-central Montana, Billings is the largest city in the State.

It grew, and continues to prosper, as a major trade and transportation center for the upper Midwest since the coming of the railroad.

In August of 1908, Mr. Van Houton received a postcard from his nephew in Billings.

D. Carroll thanks his Uncle Dave for the postcards received and returns the compliment.

The postcard from Mr. Carroll bears a photograph of the City Hall in Billings.

Published by the Chapple Drug Company of Billings, the postcard appears to have been printed circa 1905.

D. Carroll reports that “all are well” in Billings and he expresses a hope that Uncle Dave (“and all”) are the same.


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