“Valentine Thoughts” to Mrs. Wolfgang – North Lima, Ohio (1923)

Mrs. Jacob Wolfgang lived in North Lima, Ohio.

North Lima is a small, unincorporated community in northeast Ohio.

It is believed that the community was named for Lima, New York.


In February of 1923, Mrs. Wolfgang received a Valentine postcard from Mrs. M. J. Mentzer.

Mrs. Mentzer also lived in North Lima, and may have been a neighbor.

The face of the postcard includes an illustration of butterflies hovering around a flowering tree – perhaps a lilac.

 Below the colorful drawing is a verse entitled, “Valentine Thoughts”.

The verse compares the flowers to the pleasant remembrances of the loved one.

On the reverse, there is no further message – Mrs. Mentzer inscribes only her name.

One hopes that Mrs. Wolfgang was pleased by the greeting of her friend and that the two remained correspondents for many years.

"Valentine Thoughts", "Valentine Thoughts to Mrs. Wolfgang", North Lima Ohio, February 1923,


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