Vernon And Reba -circa 1910

Sometime around 1910, two smiling children sat for a photographic portrait.

Although the photograph was printed on a postcard, there is no indication of a studio or printer.

While some thoughtful person inscribed the first names of the children, no one added relevant information that would help us to identify them more completely.

So, here we have a boy in a sailor’s blouse, wearing a kerchief around his neck.

It may be winter time, as the boy appears to have leggings beneath his knickers.

Beside the boy, is a younger girl, perhaps a sister.

Reba is perched on the front edge of an arm chair; her small hands grip the arms of the chair.

Beneath her nice dress, a bit of frilly petticoat can be seen.

On the reverse, we read that the picture was presented to Uncle Philo and Aunt May.

The relatives may have tried to display the photograph in a smaller frame as the edge of the postcard has been cut, unevenly.

I repaired digitally a large smudge above the face of Reba, as can be seen in the full-size image in the Comments.

It seems that the photograph was appreciated as it was saved in relatively good condition for more than a century.

One hopes that Vernon and Reba maintained throughout their lives the same sunny disposition that they display in their childhood photograph.


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