Visiting by Buggy -circa 1910

In south central Pennsylvania, where one still sees the grey buggies of conservative religious sects, it may not be as hard to imagine how ubiquitous was the buggy at the turn of the 20th century.

In many urban areas, trolley systems reduced the vehicular traffic of buggies into downtown areas, just as rapid transit options reduce automobile congestion in progressive cities today.

In rural areas, however, one still needed a conveyance for personal transportation – and that was, commonly, the buggy.

In agricultural areas, farm wagons were still used to bring goods to market. (I have postcard photographs of farm wagons at the market in Lancaster.)

In this postcard photograph, which lacks any indication of persons or location, we see an older couple arriving or departing in a buggy.

We cannot know if this was a neighborly visit, a family reunion, or some other occasion.

Because the men in the foreground are not dressed for work (one is wearing a tie), I assume that this was a special event.


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