Washington Birthday from Portland -Oregon (1910)

What is the Matter with Edith?

Edith Yoder lived at 507 West Walnut Street in Lancaster, PA.

(The tidy, two-story brick home, built in 1900, still stands there – it is now two apartments.)

On Washington’s Birthday, Edith received a postcard greeting from her friend, Sara, in Portland, Oregon.

Sara had not received an answer to her letters and her “postals”, and she asks, “Dear Edith, What’s the matter with you?”

The postcard was illustrated by three images related to George Washington: a portrait of the man, a photograph of Mount Vernon, and a view of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.

The postcard was printed in Germany, although I cannot identify the insignia of the publisher.

One hopes that Edith did enjoy a holiday on February 22, that she replied to the missives of her friend, and that Sara no longer worried about Edith.

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