“When your heels hit hard, and your head feels queer” – Comic Postcard (1905)

This comic postcard was copyrighted in 1905 and published by J. Murray Jordan of Philadelphia.

We met the publisher and the same three figures (photograph models) in an earlier postcard story, “Let’s Live in Clover”.

The gentleman’s enormous mustache has not diminished, and the young ladies are still lifting their long skirts to expose a bit of calf in silk stockings.

In this postcard, the photograph depicts the young man befuddled by too much drink; the comic verse describes the symptoms of inebriation.

The postcard was never mailed, so we may assume that it was collected by someone who found humor in the comic scene and light verse.

J. Murray Jordan was a prolific publisher – I have a half-dozen of his postcards and one can find many more offered for sale by internet vendors.


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