Wilford Sends Thanksgiving Greetings

Wilford Sends a Thanksgiving Postcard to Grandma Olsen -circa 1915

Sometime around 1915, Grandma Olsen received a Thanksgiving postcard from her grandson, Wilford Nash.

On the face, a medallion picture of a rural scene is surrounded by Autumn flowers and stalks of wheat and an ear of corn.

A patriotic ribbon runs through the illustration.

(In the early 20th century, patriotic images were often affixed to Thanksgiving scenes – reinforcing the idea that this was a national holiday of Thanksgiving.)

(A quick internet search identifies a “Wilford Nash” in several generations in Ohio and Indiana, in Michigan, and in Syracuse, NY.

I am not able to trace these lines to find “Grandma Olsen”)

The illustration is not signed by an artist, and I do not recognize the printer’s mark.

On the reverse, Wilford writes:

“Dear Grandma,

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.

Wilford Nash”


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