“Will Come Down” – Copyright 1905

This comic postcard was not mailed.

P. Sander, a New York illustrator of many humorous postcards, copyrighted the drawing in 1905.

The postcard was published, probably in the same year, by the Illustrated Post Card Company of New York.

The undivided back suggests that the postcard was certainly published by 1906.

On the face, a man is falling headfirst from a tree.

The man’s hat, his umbrella, and his valise, precede him.

A printed legend amplifies the joke, “will come down”.

This common communication, “Will come down”, was often written as a message on the face of postcards.

We have seen many variations in earlier postcard stories: “will come down on Wednesday”, “will come down on the no. 8 car”, “will come down if it does not rain”, etc.

This comic card would provide an amusing way to communicate the plans of a lighthearted correspondent.

Thus, if you were planning to take the train or trolley in order to see a friend, you could add the relevant car number to the face of this printed postcard.

Some collector appreciated the original drawing, or, perhaps,the collector never had an occasion to use the postcard.

It was stored appropriately, and is in very good condition after more than a century.


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