Wilson Is Teased About Lover’s Glen – Hunter, N.Y. (1907)

Wilson Potts lived on the very busy 14th Street in Manhattan.

(This is still a major thoroughfare across the island.)

In November of 1907, Wilson received a postcard from Lida.

The postcard was mailed from Glenco Mills, then a flourishing village in Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

This area once boasted a number of prosperous towns and villages.


Lida’s postcard features an illustration of “Lover’s Glen”, a scenic spot near Hunter, New York.

The town of Hunter, and Hunter Mountain (second highest peak in the Catskills Mountains), lie north of Glenco Mills.


On the reverse, Lida teases Wilson about his supposed desire to be in this secluded spot with a special “you know who”.

I have other postcards sent to Mr. Potts; he had other friends who also teased him about his romantic life.

One hopes that the city boy did find time to dally in the beautiful Hudson River Valley.


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