“With Best New Year Wishes” – York County, PA (1910/1911)

Mr. Roy Stouffer lived in Hanover, PA, a city southwest of York and not far from the border of Maryland.

In 1910, Hanover was a center of shoe manufacturing.

Roy lived on York Street, the address suggests an extension – I do not know if York Street was extended at some time before 1910.

In December of 1910, Roy received a New Year’s greeting from a correspondent in Hanover.

Perhaps a relative, the writer (M.H.S.) suggests jokingly that the postcard greeting should be kept a secret.

Apart from the “Ha! Ha!”, one would know that it was not a serious proposal – nothing mailed on the back of a postcard could be kept confidential.

The postcard was copyrighted in 1910 by John Winsch, a prolific publisher from upstate New York.

Beautifully-executed blue flowers are strewn across a gilded medallion.

The ornate letters communicate, “With Best New Year Wishes”.

The design is embossed.

We hope that Roy and his correspondent enjoyed the New Year of 1911.


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