“Your Dainty Snow-White Frock” – Philadelphia, PA (1913)

In August of 1913, Miss Lenora Grambach was celebrating her birthday.

She received a postcard greeting from W. Weitzel who sent “best wishes” and a hope that Lenora would enjoy many more birthdays.

Miss Grambach lived in Philadelphia, and the postcard was also mailed from that city.

(This is another example of a postcard that was mailed within a city using an address identified as “City”.)

Miss Grambach lived at 3084 Cedar Street, which is in the Port Richmond area of northeast Philadelphia.

A tidy row house made of brick now stands at that site; the row of houses was constructed in 1920, so the residence of Miss Grambach in 1913 is no longer standing.

I suspect Miss Lenora is still a child, as the birthday postcard bears a picture of a young girl eating breakfast – she appears to be holding a piece of fruit or a danish.

Beneath the illustration of the girl at a well-provisioned breakfast table is a verse expressing the belief that the girl will “peel her fruit” so carefully as “not a single spot will soil your dainty snow white frock”.

One hopes that Miss Lenora did enjoy a delicious breakfast, that she treasured the postcard greeting, and that her happy birthday was not marred by a stain on her frock.


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